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CLEAR Launches Updated CLEAR Pass™ with Unlimited Testing

CLEAR launched today an updated version of CLEAR Pass™, the industry-first testing subscription service launched in November. In addition to including the new oral and rectal Ct/Ng tests that will become required on January 1, the company is upping the ante by also making CLEAR Pass™ unlimited, allowing performers to test as much as they want, as often as they wish.

We live in a world where we subscribe to Amazon Prime, Spotify, and even food delivery, so why not testing?

“The response from performers to our original CLEAR Pass™ was extremely positive, and lots of people signed up. When PASS announced that the industry's full panel would now include Ct/Ng swabs, we knew we had to revamp CLEAR Pass™, but we wanted to make it even better.” said Kian Mallari, CLEAR’s Operations Manager.

With CLEAR Pass™, performers sign up and schedule tests whenever they want - no limits on how many tests or how often. CLEAR Pass™ originally launched in November and included two CLEAR Panels and one Ct/Ng test, saving performers about $46 each month. At the time, CLEAR also offered a free concierge appointment with every new sign-up. The updated version of CLEAR Pass™ is an all-inclusive subscription that saves performers tons of money.

Over the last few weeks, CLEAR was able to validate new industry-required tests, reformulate new pricing to include them, and launch an updated version of its subscription service to ensure its customers have access to the most affordable testing options on the market.

"We spend a lot of time thinking about how we can make testing even more affordable for the industry, and we think the answer is bundling testing with a monthly subscription. We live in a world where we subscribe to Amazon Prime, Spotify, and even food delivery, so why not testing?” said Mallari.

The current version of CLEAR Pass™ is available on the company’s mobile app, and performers can use it immediately upon signing up. To learn more, please visit

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