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Sample Collection Instructions
Step 1: Open Kit

  • Open the kit and verify that it contains the following items (collection devices):

A. 2 Tiger top blood tubes (prelabeled)

B. 1 Aptima urine tube (prelabeled)

C. 1 Oral swab (prelabeled)

D. 1 Rectal swab (prelabeled)

E. 1 Urine cup 

F. 1 Cold pack

G. 1 Absorbent sheet material

H. 1 UN3373 prelabeled shipping bag

Step 2: Verify ID

  • Ensure that the government-issued ID is valid and matches the information on the requisitions and the preprinted labels.

  • If the information doesn’t match, contact support at (866) GET-CLRD. 

Step 3: Collect

  • Collect blood samples using the 2 tiger top blood tubes (A).

  • Collect oral sample using the oral swab (C).

  • If ordered, hand the oral & rectal swabs (D) to the patient for self-collection using your restroom.

Step 4: Prepare Samples

  • Centrifuge the blood samples at 3,000 to 3,500 RPM for 10 minutes. (confirm with F)

  • Transfer the urine sample from the urine cup into the Aptima urine tube (B)

  • If ordered, retrieve oral & rectal swabs from the patient.

Step 5: Pack & Ship

  • Bundle the following collection devices wrapping them in the absorbent sheet material: 
    o    2 tiger tops, blood tubes (A)
    o    1 Aptima urine tube (B)
    o    1 Oral swab (C) (if ordered)
    o    1 Rectal swab (D) (if ordered)

  • Place the bundle, along with the provided cold pack, in the provided prelabeled UN3373 shipping bag. 

  • Seal it firmly ensuring the shipping label and bar code are visible. ​

Step 6: Email

  • Email the accession number, collection date & time, and tracking number to



Call (866) GET-CLRD

Mon - Sat 6 AM - 9 PM ET

Sat & Sun 6 AM - 1 PM ET

Questions or Issues?

Call (866) GET-CLRD

Mon - Sat 6 AM - 9 PM ET Sat & Sun 6 AM - 1 PM ET

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