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Ship Kit Patient Instructions

​Follow these 3 easy instructions so we can get you tested fast.

  1. Visit or click the button above to find a partner location near you.

  2. Bring the box labeled “PARTNER ACCESS ONLY” to the location of your choice and tell them “I’m here to be tested for CLEAR”. - Do not open the box.

    Hand our partner the unopened box and they will know what to do.

That’s it, you’re done! 

Once our partner confirms that your samples have been shipped we will text and email with updates along the way. You can expect your results to be reported the next day by midnight*.

IMPORTANT: Opening the PARTNER ACCESS ONLY box will invalidate your kit and our partners will not accept open boxes. If the box is opened by you or anyone other than the partner, a new kit will be required at your expense.

SELF-COLLECTED URINE AND SWAB: The Ship Kit contains self-collection instructions for urine and swabs. Both collections will take place when you get tested at our partner's direction. Do not performer these prior to visiting a partner location.

Questions or Issues?

Call (866) GET-CLRD

Mon - Sat 6 AM - 9 PM ET Sat & Sun 6 AM - 1 PM ET

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