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Reinventing Testing
for the Adult Industry

We like making things simple. Whether you prefer to book an appointment or just walk-in to one of our location, we've got you covered. 


Walk-in or 
Book an Appointment

CLEAR understands that your time is valuable and that testing shouldn't be a hassle. So when it comes to getting tested, the choice is yours.

Whether you choose to walk into one of our testing locations, book your appointment, or have us come to you we've got you covered!


Fast Results or
Your Money Back

You ain't got time to waste.


We own and operate our labs around the country so fast results is always top of mind, no matter where or when you get tested. No losing hair over your results coming back on time. We are so confident you'll get your results fast we will give you your money back - no questions asked.


Share Results
On Your Terms

Production companies and talent agencies want to know that you are safe to shoot. The CLEAR app lets you quickly share your most recent lab results directly from your phone.

Want to change your sharing settings? No problem. You have total control to ensure your results are only shared with organizations you choose to. 

Ready to Get Started?

Better options are finally here.

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