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TBD Health Partners with CLEAR to Provide Next Day STI Testing Results

The only PASS-approved facility in Las Vegas, TBD Health Provides Easy, Reliable, Affordable STI Testing for Talent

LAS VEGAS – Jan 24, 2023 – CLEAR is partnering with TBD Health, a sexual healthcare provider and the only PASS-approved facility in Las Vegas, to provide talent with next day turnaround for the performer STI panels.

TBD Health's Care Hub in Las Vegas

“We are proud to be working with TBD Health and CLEAR,” said Ian O’Brien, Executive Director of PASS, a nonprofit organization responsible for providing industry health and safety guidance. “TBD Health has been a trusted partner for the adult industry for several years, and we are excited to now make available this critically needed PASS-approved option in Las Vegas.” The samples will be processed by CLEAR which operates a clinical laboratory that utilizes innovative technology and automation that enables fast turnaround.

"This partnership means a lot to performers in Las Vegas and we are excited to be part of it. Both companies have been pushing really hard to make testing more accessible to the industry and this is a huge step in that direction.” said Humberto Buniotto, CEO of CLEAR. “We remain steadfast in our commitment to innovate and provide better, faster, more reliable testing to the industry" said Buniotto.

In addition to next day results, TBD Health also offers 3-site testing and a limited-time no-cost testing program for Mycoplasma genitalium, through a partnership with Spankchain, along with a wide-range of other sexual health services. “Our Las Vegas location has an onsite clinical team that provides best-in-class sexual healthcare” says Co-Founder and Co-CEO Daphne Chen. “This includes prescriptions and treatment if someone tests positive, but also birth control, ED medication, emergency contraception, among other services.”

TBD Health is located in the Art’s District in Las Vegas at 8 E Charleston Blvd, and is open 10AM - 4PM, Monday through Friday. Next day results will be available for the appointments at or before 2 PM for the Performer Panel. For more information about TBD Health, please visit

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