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CLEAR and PASS Team Up to Reboot PSF

CLEAR and PASS are teaming up to inject some excitement into the industry and make testing more affordable to performers. They're rebooting the Performer Subsidy Fund (PSF) to provide financial support to adult performers by covering a portion of their testing costs.

"CLEAR continues to demonstrate their commitment to improving our community."

Back in 2012, adult film producers started the PSF to help performers afford regular testing, but it lost momentum in recent years. The PSF is a fantastic way to offer financial assistance to performers who need it most. Now, performers in the US can contribute to the PSF by purchasing awesome products from CLEAR's online merch store. All profits from every purchase go towards funding the PSF, which in turn is used to subsidize testing for performers who need it.

"We started giving away merch as prizes at our testing locations, and folks asked us if they could

buy it. We wanted to do something impactful and give back to the community, so we decided to sell our stuff online and donate all the profits to PASS," said Humberto Buniotto, CLEAR’s CEO.

Every cent of the profits from the CLEAR merch store goes straight to the PSF. By donating 100% of the profits on a monthly basis, CLEAR ensures that every contribution directly supports performers who need financial assistance for testing.

CLEAR created a webpage where it will post detailed monthly sales reports, providing complete visibility into the donation process and amounts being donated to the PSF. These reports will include itemized cost and profits per item and the total amount being donated to the PSF from the proceeds of its online sales. It will also include evidence of its donation to PASS on a monthly basis.

By sharing this information openly, CLEAR aims to provide supporters peace of mind, knowing that all profits from the merch store go towards the PSF.

Testing costs have always been a big challenge for the industry, but with the PSF being funded, some performers can breathe a little easier.

100% of the funds donated to the PSF are divided into equal portions and dispersed to each enrolled performer based on the number of times they tested at a Pass-certified facility during a given month. Performers are paid per the number of times tested. If a performer tests twice in one month, they will receive a subsidy for two tests. The amount will vary from month to month, depending on how many performers tested each month, how often, and how many requested subsidies.

Ian O’Brien, PASS’s Executive Director, had this to say about the new initiative: "We are thrilled with this new partnership to revive the PSF and help reduce costs for performers. CLEAR continues to demonstrate their commitment to improving our community. Through this collaboration, we will have a new financial model for helping to increase access to performer health and safety.”

CLEAR's commitment to the adult entertainment industry goes beyond just financial support. The company is always finding innovative ways to make a difference. Last month, the company dropped the price of their "full panel" to just $209. Last year it launched CLEAR Pass, the industry's first unlimited testing subscription service. Plus, they have a Money-Back Guarantee that ensures results are reported on time. CLEAR is all about innovation and community-building in the adult space.

The partnership with PASS and the revival of the PSF embody a holistic approach to empowerment. By subsidizing testing and supporting performers' financial well-being, the initiative contributes to the growth and sustainability of the industry as a whole.

If you have questions, please contact PASS at (818) 348-8890 or, or visit

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