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CLEAR Is Making Testing Even More Affordable: Full Panel Now Just $209

Are you ready for some exciting news? CLEAR has just announced a significant price drop from $229 to $209 for their "performer panel". That's right, you can now save $20 on every test!

You might be wondering how we managed to pull this off. Well, their team of experts have been working tirelessly to improve their testing protocols, making them more efficient without compromising the accuracy of the results. Kathy Crankshaw, CLEAR's technical supervisor, says that this price reduction is the result of months of hard work and innovation.

But wait, there's more! CLEAR has also decided to cover the cost of the Trichomonas Vaginalis (aka “Trick”), which is an essential screening that is not widely available at affordable prices. This means that performers can now get this important test done without breaking the bank.

Humberto Buniotto, the CEO of CLEAR, is thrilled about the company's latest development. He says, "We are extremely proud of what we've done for the industry in the last few months, and that this latest development puts us in a position to pass those savings onto performers."

This price reduction is available right now at CLEAR's company-owned locations in Miami, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, as well as their partner locations in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and New Jersey. CLEAR is committed to making the performer's testing experience better and more affordable in every way.

So, if you're a performer in the adult entertainment industry, this is great news for you! Be sure to visit for more information on the updated pricing.

Cheers to a safer and more accessible testing experience for everyone!


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