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Now Available at Over 200 Locations, Save $40 Per Test

Guess who just took things to the next level?

CLEAR just added a whopping 215 partner locations for performers to get a PASS-compliant test virtually anywhere in the US. And with our tests averaging a savings of $40, it's sort of a no-brainer no matter where you live.

Head over to and snag a CLEAR Ship Kit. Everything you need is packed in there – like a birthday surprise! Once it arrives (and it's gonna be quick because we're talking overnight delivery here), you can just stop by one of our partner locations and tell them that you’re there to test with CLEAR and they’ll take care of the rest. You'll be in and out before you can say “cheese”. And the best part? Results are sent to you the next day and the price never changes no matter where you get tested.

"This is a game-changer and we're psyched to offer this to our adult industry champs!"

So, here's the fab sequence: Order on Monday, Test on Wednesday, and results on Thursday. Save about $40 with every test and get that swanky new hat or, you know, groceries.

Aside from being the fastest, most affordable way to get tested, it's also the only PASS-certified option available nationwide.

Our CEO said, "This is a game-changer and we're psyched to offer this to our adult industry champs!"

And we're not stopping there. In 2023, we're setting our sights on hitting 600 locations and adding more fabulousness to our CLEAR Pass membership. Plus, we're teaming up with PASS to sprinkle some extra magic on testing options. Buniotto added, "We've got the wind in our sails, and we’re ensuring every performer has a CLEAR spot nearby. Our Ship Kits and Pay Later options are just the beginning!"

So, here's the tea: CLEAR is ALL IN on giving you quick, pocket-friendly, and dependable testing options. Everywhere, every time.

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