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CLEAR Paving The Way For Industry Safety

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Miami, Florida, October 25, 2022 - CLEAR is obsessed with the health and safety of industry performers. From day 1 we knew fake results were an issue that had been ignored for years by legacy testing providers, so we wanted to ensure our results could be verified with a one-click solution.

With CLEAR, performers can simply log in to their account and click on the QR code on the home page, then show it to anyone who wants to verify their current status. No need to download apps, upload personal information, type in long codes, or configure stuff on their phones.

"We know there are people out there who care more about staying active than the safety of their counterparts. We want performers who test with CLEAR to have an easy way to verify each other’s results and ditch screenshots or paper records.” said Humberto Buniotto, CEO of CLEAR. “It’s hard to believe this has been an ongoing issue and the best thing out there was punching in a bunch of numbers into a verification page.” said Buniotto.

CLEAR built a fail-safe QR-based verification protocol that is simple and easy to use so performers can feel confident in the results issued by us. Better yet, anyone with a phone that has a camera can simply scan our QR code and verify a performer’s status, whether they have a CLEAR account or not - it’s that simple.

When asked about the recent announcement of a similar solution by TTS, Humberto responded “I’m happy that our presence in the industry and the solutions we are creating are driving competitors to innovate to keep performers safe.”

For more information on how CLEAR’s one-click result verification works, visit or contact our Customer Support Team for assistance.

Social Media: @get_clrd

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